“How many liters is this compression sack? ”

Asked by Elise from MN on 10/6/2016 8:31:21 AM
  • I'm not sure. However, I do know that my synthetic-filled mummy fits in it just fine. Hopefully this helps you...at least a bit.
    Answered on 10/6/2016 8:35:35 AM by Kurt from California
  • 20L according to Alps site.
    Answered on 10/6/2016 8:38:16 AM by Tyson82 from Missouri
  • 9" Diameter, 20" Length, holds 1272 in³ or 20 L
    Answered on 10/6/2016 8:57:55 AM by Chris from Virginia
  • This item is 20L.
    Answered on 10/11/2016 9:51:19 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post