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Reviewed by Kalkita from Traveling Junkie on Tuesday, March 12, 2013
I guess I am the one person here with issues! I love the comfort of this sleeping pad! For sure, it is a cadillac. While I enjoyed the benefits in my home, taking this out will be a problem. I simply could not roll it up like my thermarests. To get my thermarests to a small size, I would simply roll it twice using my knees for pressure - first time rolling it to the end, closing the valve and then start over and release the air at the end of the second roll. Got it flat every time.

With this one, it is so stiff and thick, I can not even begin to roll it. I just folded it the first time or two to get as much air out as possible. Then I rolled. And rolled. And rolled some more.

It was quite a work out for me. I got it to the right size to ship back to STP after 7 rolls. I still feel like it was winning (trying to fill up again and lay flat but I wrestled it into the box and it is subdued....

You will never need to blow air into this thing. Seriously. It fills up by itself instantaneously. When you're ready to crash out - this is great.
In the morning when you are rolling and stuffing, not so great.

While it was in my house, I simply left it open. But I want my living space back.

PROS: comfortable, wide and don't have to manually fill with air. Two nice, big valves that seem sturdy. Seems durable. Can replace an air mattress at home for a kid or non-precious guest. Never having to roll it up to store it: 5 Stars.
CONS: no way would I want to roll this up every morning on a trip - I would rather it tie it to the roof. Or stuff it in a closet flat. Makes it unusable. 1 star

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