ok, but just ok....

Reviewed by Stormygirl from Imperial Valley, California on Monday, November 17, 2014
We've been using Therma-rest and REI's version for years. In comparison this one just doesn't seem like it will hold up as well.

I tried it for half an hour in the house before deciding to send it back for the following reasons:

* It doesn't self inflate as fast as my REI version of Therma-rest.
* The position of the valves at one's feet seems like a big mistake. I want the valves at my head in case I need to adjust in the night. It would go back for that reason alone
* Top surface of the pad feels too slippery; if sleeping in a sleeping bag on uneven ground I think one would quickly find themselves...on the ground.
* Fabric doesn't feel as sturdy as my other pads; I'd worry it might puncture easily.

If you have never used a Therma-rest or similar pad before, you'll probably think this is ok. If you have, this is definitely back-sliding. It is, however, half the price of a similar pad from Therma-rest or REI.

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