A "MUST HAVE" for camping/backpacking

Reviewed by Crunchy crazy Nae from Pennsylvania on Thursday, July 3, 2014
Just tested out my sleeping pad for the first time. I set up my tent in the backyard and prepared myself for a fitful sleep full of tossing and turning and sore hips by morning. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! The sleeping pad elevates you about 1-1.5" off the ground and has enough padding that you really don't feel any protrusions from the ground. I have a good quality blow up queen size mattress that I have taken for other ''car camping" trips and found this sleeping pad to be FAR more comfortable.
My husband slept next to me on his "egg shell" type sleeping pad and was so uncomfortable and barely slept.
I am purchasing him one of these babies today!
The pad rolls up to be very small...much smaller even than the bag it comes in...it's lightweight, and I feel it will be great to take with us on our 3 day backpacking trip in the Adirondacks this summer.
Great for a beginner backpacker and short trips!
Just a tip....I had to blow about 12 breaths of air to get the pad fully inflated....I didn't think that was too bad! It was still very firm in the morning when I woke up!
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