Not good for lots of walking

Reviewed by Reba8000 from Chicago, IL on Sunday, March 1, 2015
These have a higher wedge heel than I was feels like I'm walking in heels, and the front of my hips are quite sore after a 20 minute walk. Plus, the base of the heel is very narrow, so these are not good for navigating snow and ice -- I need a wider, more stable heel. Lastly, my feel naturally pronate in, and these boots do nothing to keep my ankle upright -- I have an orthodic and a padded insole in them, and my ankles are still rolling in. I wore them around the apartment for quite awhile, and I thought they'd work, but out in the real snow and ice, I regret keeping these, and it's too late to return them. On the upside, they feel warm and waterproof.
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