Reviewed by Pauliboy from New England on Wednesday, January 27, 2016
This is a 2nd following to an earlier review. Let me preface by saying I love Asolo. I have other styles that are great
There is something intrinsically wrong with this design. I wanted to love them, I really did.
They clomp like ski boots. Picture cuttting a brook stick to 3 inches long and placing them inside the boot cross ways.
Now when you walk, your foot rises up over the stick and down the front. The weirdest, most ackward thing I've ever encountered.
Awful. A week ago a gave them, (GAVE them!) to a friend. He called me last night and said he'd give them back. HATED THEM! For the same reason
I don't understand this. The build.and materials are fine. Something is wrong in the design of the soles. This "rocking" motion as you walk is not only annoying, but causes stress and pain in the groin area as well. I'll never wear them again. And the old expression: "you couldn't GIVE these away" is so apropos.
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