• My first pair of Asolos were FSN-95's. I wore them for 5 years and still use them but the soles are worn, so mom ordered me these Neutron boots for christmas. These soles seem to grip really good, they are more comfortable than my old pair, but I have not worn them in the woods yet, or hiked miles in them yet. I've just worn them for normal daily wear so far. They were comfortable from the beginning.
    Answered on 1/8/2014 6:22:51 PM by Internet Mom from NC
  • Hi,
    I find the soles stiff enough.
    I recently used the shoe on rocky himalayan trek full of rock, gravel, mud, jungle, snow.

    Never did I feel the sole transferring the shocks inside or the rock edges pressurising my foot.
    I would say the sole is tough.

    Still that would remain a personal choice based on the terrain that I faced.
    I would be better if you walk into a STP shop and try them personally.

    Prashant (Max)
    Answered on 1/12/2014 1:32:52 AM by Prashant from Mumbai,India