• No experience with the newer model but returns are super easy through Sierra Trading that I wouldn't hesitate to try them out!
    Answered on 12/12/2015 9:47:20 PM by Jim certified ISA Arborist from Boston
  • Tried the Drifter's at REI a couple of times and the regular 10 1/2 fit me fine. Never had to get a wide before but decided on the 10 1/2 wide Neutron basing my decision on other reviews indicating that they are narrower than normal. Glad I did as they fit me perfectly. So I'd have to conclude that Neutrons are indeed on the narrow side. Fit is very similar but the Drifter felt stiffer and may require a bit of breaking-in.
    Answered on 12/13/2015 12:38:07 AM by JP from Washington
  • We haven't tried the new style, my boyfriend does say that these boots (Asolo Neutron Gore- Tex) are a bit heavy but other then that he really likes them. I hope this was helpful.
    Answered on 12/14/2015 5:00:58 AM by luzzbear2000 from Hudson Valley New York
  • i havent worn the drifter but have been wearing asolo wide-fit boots for almost 20 years. i liked the neutrons so much i bought a second pair (see my reviews). i wear mine everyday and am even happier with the fit now that my orthotics are seated properly. people should wear a good cushioned sock and size up if needed. yes they are slightly heavier than the lighter weight models like the good old FSN-95's (and i believe in wearing as light a boot as possible without sacrificing comfort or stability and support) but they are still the best selection on stp - my advice is try on the different models at a local outfitter (REI) and order them from STP. good hiking
    Answered on 12/18/2015 5:23:49 PM by Flatcoat Smith from bellingham, wa