“Are goretex boots hot in the summer compared to non - goretex boots?
Thanks ”

Asked by Paul from Wisconsin on 1/31/2018 8:46:50 PM
  • I have not noticed a great difference between goretex and non-goretex boots with regard to sweating, etc.YMMV.
    Answered on 1/31/2018 10:01:43 PM by Phil from Massachusetts
  • Yes, they are, Paul. I still highly recommend these boots though.
    Answered on 2/1/2018 4:51:07 AM by Big White Bear from Virginia
  • Gore-Tex is a highly breathable waterproof material to keep you from getting too hot.
    Answered on 2/1/2018 8:11:11 AM by Product Specialist from Sierra Trading Post
  • Actually an all weather boot, in the summer it's all about the socks, I suggest smartwool-medium to heavy for winter(depending on where you live) and medium to light weight for summer(again, depending on where you live)
    Answered on 2/1/2018 9:26:55 AM by SMAK from Texas
  • The Gore-tex lining does make them somewhat less breathable (thus a little warmer). I still wear them all year round, and if you are doing any extended hikes where you need dry feet, waterproof is more important than cool. Asolos actually make my feet sweat less than many Gore-tex options.
    Answered on 2/1/2018 10:06:34 AM by Ana from Maine
  • Yes goretex boots are slightly warmer in the summer.
    Answered on 2/1/2018 1:45:16 PM by Loren from West Virginia
  • Hi Paul,

    One of the nice things about gortex is that the material breathes. Since I live in Colorado, I can't say whether gortex would be hotter in summer, because it's generally cool in the higher mountains where I hike. I wear one pair of wick-dry socks, and have never had a problem with my feet getting hot.
    Answered on 2/1/2018 2:34:10 PM by Kent Drummond from Colorado
  • gortex is briethable, but just got my first pair last month, herein new england and it's witer and cold. they are great boots though excellent qulity
    Go! Patriots!
    Answered on 2/1/2018 3:36:44 PM by rb from North eastern CT