Nive mid-weight boot , Compare to VASQUE Breeze

Reviewed by Tom from walking on Friday, February 20, 2015
Hiking boots are a very personal thing as far as fit goes but for those that are considering this boot here is what I have found from a half dozen miles of wear. I normally wear a VASQUE Breeze 13W and also have the VASQUE Breeze 2.0 (not the gortex version) So I wanted to have a pair of “waterproof” or shall we say “water-resistant” boots. STP had what appeared as a good price on this boot and with their return policy I decided to give these a try. I have not really verified any of the “water-resistant” characteristics of the boot but I am sure I will be keeping this boot. I am what is termed a “neutral” runner meaning I do not pronate or super-pronate, these boots have a high arch which is what I like and is important in maintaining ones arch (don’t let your arch fall). I also often have a problem with boots because of the toe-box, my right foot, big toe, can rub against the front left side of the toe box which becomes a problem very quickly. Even with the right length and width of boot. I have not had this problem with the VASQUE Breeze 13W or this boot. It is a little heavier and stiffer than the VASQUE Breeze. I got the 13 W same as the VASQUE Breeze and they are the right size. The sole is not as deep of a vibram lug pattern as the breeze and seems to be a little more grippy of rubber. In 0 degree F. I have found that there is a little cold coming up from the bottom of the soles but I would expect that as these are not extreme cold weather boots or meant to be but they are very comfortable. I do most of my hiking in the Tetons in Summer so no worries there. The Lacing pattern and tongue are very nice and I really like the way they lace up. I will definitely be keeping these boots and expect about 1000 miles before they would start to really show any wear. One final thing is that they have very good insoles as I said with high arch. Like the green inserts I have in some lower quality boots. Hope this helps you in your decision. I like the green color very attractive and woodzy.
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