Perfect Boot

Reviewed by Paul from Japan on Tuesday, December 3, 2013
I used these boots right out of the box the very first day I received them. On the first day I did a short 10 km walk through some rolling hills on some pretty tame trails. I expected there to be some comfort issues but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were comfortable throughout the day. I found a small stream and stood in the water at a depth that was just below the top of the tongue gusset to test the waterproofing for about 10 minutes. No issues there either. Perfectly dry! The next outing was a real hike up a steep rocky mountain here in Japan. The trail has numerous springs, muddy sections, exposed rock, loose scree so I thought it was a perfect way to really test the boots. All I can say is that they are bombproof. Traction was superb even on wet, mossy rocks. The soles gripped well in very muddy conditions where I could see that other hikers were sliding all over the place. The third time out I was on the same mountain in early winter conditions. I had no issues with traction in light snow but my toes did get a little cold. I was wearing thin socks under thicker wool socks. I'm not sure how fragile of feet other people have since there seem to be many complaints about the insoles but I found the insoles that came with the boots plenty comfortable. No blisters, no leaks, great traction, great protection, what else can I say? Buy them! You won't regret it.
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