Awesome boot, but didn't work for my feet

Reviewed by Greg from Minnesota on Saturday, March 1, 2014
I was really excited about getting these boots, particularly considering the STP price. There are so many things that I love about them - the materials are very high quality and have a bullet-proof feel, the lacing system (micro pulleys) is great for achieving a snug fit quickly, the support is very good and allows for a nice distribution of load throughout the foot with good arch support, and traction seems great in the limited time I have been able to use them. Unfortunately the Power Matics were just not meant for my feet, and it saddened me to have to return them.

The main culprit is the heel area, which is very hard and caused excessive pressure at the rear and base of my heels to the point of causing bruises. No slippage mind you - the design of this boot really locks your heel into place - just pressure. Based on the extreme stiffness of the materials in this area I concluded this issue would not improve with use. The protective material in the toe and heel areas is very hard, so don’t expect much flex. The flimsy insole seemed to contribute to this problem as the center of the heel area has very little padding.

Another thing to note about this boot is that the toe box is relatively narrow - I have perhaps a slightly wider foot than average but have never had to buy a wide shoe before. In this version there was some amount of rubbing either on the big toe or the small toe on the regular widths, and even with the wide version it seemed like there was a small degree of rubbing.

As for sizing, I ordered ½ size above my Brannock size, which is what I use for my casual shoes, and it was just right with a finger width of extra room in front of my toes. Lengthwise, true to size.

I have since found a replacement in the Lowa Ranger, which although very similar in features to the Power Matic fits very differently with a flat, wide toe box and a more flexible heel cup. The protective surround in the Ranger is a more flexible rubber. However, I do miss some things about the Power Matic, especially the micro pulleys and the snug instep.

If these boots work for your feet consider yourself fortunate - it is a great quality product that I would expect to last a long time. Note that it is very heavy duty with a stiff sole and so isn’t really ideal for everyday walkaround use on pavements and such. Cheers to STP for their great customer service policy.
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