Inconsistent Fit - Same Size Gloves!!!

Reviewed by ISki2 from Colorado on Saturday, February 22, 2014
I ordered 2 pairs of these gloves both size 6 1/2 - 1 Brown, 1 Black. The black gloves fit fine, except the fingers are very long.

However, the brown gloves, I wasn't able to get my hands in them. The cuff and palm is way too tight. After struggling on several different days, I was finally able to squeeze my hand part of the way into the glove. And I mean squeeze .... it was very uncomfortable, and I still was not able to get my fingers in, the fingers are way too tight. The entire glove is way too tight!!!

Also, I was not happy with the brown color, it is very very dark, almost black. When I first opened the brown gloves, I thought they were black. I had to put the brown and black gloves together, and only than did I see a slight difference in color.

I have NO idea why there is such a difference in the fit between 2 pairs of gloves labeled the same size.

I'm keeping the black gloves, but I'm packing up the brown gloves and they are going back today.
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