Great Quality

Reviewed by Mike's World of Snow from Florida,New mexico< Texas, Hawaii---Norse descent on Friday, May 16, 2014
Thick pelt. Well known manufacturer. Great price. Here is their care guide:

I have made over 70 purchases in the last 3 years with Sierra Trading Post, I buy pretty much everything but food and household cleaning items from them. A totally awesome company who has customer service that treats you like close family. I don't make a lot of money. I have learned to live well by buying the best quality for my buck, and turning m friends on to STP as well. As for my love of the single wool pelts, I had recently purchased two double wool and two single wool pelts in brown and black. I like that they are natural,, sustainable, cleanable with a washer, brush, etc.....I live pretty rustic. I am not a smart phone carrying urbanite. Pelts are my chairs in my apartment. There is something very primal and intimate about animal skins. These were not slaughtered in vain, they were food, clothes, shoes, rugs. These are great to sit or lay upon. I do have a lot of animal compassion and have raised goats, sheep, cats and dogs. The latter are very carnivorous. Politics aside, this is a beautifully processed product/ with no animal smell that would repel your visitors. Excellent quality for the price.
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