We both love them

Reviewed by Julie from Princeton, NJ on Friday, February 28, 2014
My dog loves bully sticks. I don't often buy them because they are expensive. With the discount this were a very good price. 6" is perfect because the 12" ones not only cost more but my weimaraner will feverishly chew until she is exhausted and I have to take it away from her (which she doesn't like and will bug me for an hour afterward to get it back). Best suited for medium to large dogs. Last about an hour with my 65# female weimaraner. These a nice thickness for the money for sure. A little thicker than the usual standard size. Seem like good quality. I do wonder if they are antibiotic free as they don't mention. These are not the odorless ones. The smell really doesn't bother me much and they don't start smelling much until they get nice and wet and slimy and at that point I'm not going anywhere near it anyway. The odor is no indication whatsoever as to quality. The odorless ones are slightly more expensive and are hung to dry differently. The only thing I would add about this treat is for those people who know that this is a great healthy treat for the teeth and digestible for the tummy, dogs do sometimes swallow a bigger piece when they get down to the bottom and can no longer hold it in their paw. This does concern me no matter what length. I remedy this by waiting for it to get down a few inches and then attaching a vice grip to it so my dog can't swallow it when almost done. She also likes me to hold it for her and it makes it less messy for me because I don't have to touch it. Once it gets down to an inch I throw it away. Does seem like a waste. Have to figure out what to do with all the stubs. Any suggestions?
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