You get what you pay for

Verified Buyer Reviewed by Sunny's mom from Northern California on Thursday, May 11, 2017
It really flimsy. I didn't expect anything fancy given the price. I just wanted something table-like I could put over the crate. First the top is a bunch of wood slats held together by nylon webbing stapled to the wood. You just unroll it. There's two wood pieces that you bolt into the end wood slats on either end, those are what you then bolt the legs to. This setup leaves the whole thing floppy. There's no support pieces that make it rigid. I guess that's sort of helpful for storage except you'd still have the leg pieces sticking out. The finish had all kinds of marks ALL over it, again I didn't expect much, I can deal. One of the legs however was split almost all the way to the top. I'll need to get some wood glue. It also doesn't sit flat on my crate. The legs are like 1/4-1/2" too long, I haven't measured. I'll have to zip tie the legs to the side of the crate to keep them from flopping out if the get bumped. I bought this because I wanted a wood cover and couldn't find any other wood cover to go over my crate without buying a whole other endtable style crate that I kept finding. I just wanted the cover. It pretty much serves its purpose. Mainly I just wish the legs weren't slightly too long and the top would sit flat on the crate, or if it came with supports for the length of the top so it would sit flat. I might have to rig something.