It's got a zipper.

Reviewed by BadGuidance from Idaho on Thursday, November 30, 2017
Saw this on here and thought it looked like a similar jacket from Cabelas. Then I bought it from Steep and Cheap for half the price. Save your money, this thing is built like a napkin with a hood. I'm worried a stiff wind might actually blow it's stitching apart. It doesn't even have a breast pocket or inside pocket... which I didn't realize was a negative until I noticed it's one of the only coats I've ever purchased that doesn't have something like that. When I pulled the tag out, instead of breaking in two, the tag plastic just ripped through this paper bag material that they call a sleeve. It does appear to have some kind of insulation but I have not confirmed whether it is or is not thinly torn cotton balls stuffed in there or maybe it's just air. They aren't lying though. This is a high mobility jacket. You literally don't notice it's on and if you do something drastic... like farting, sneezing, or getting the mail, you may tear the dang thing apart.
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