Not thrilled with this

Verified Buyer Reviewed by SuzyB88keys from San Marcos, CA on Sunday, September 25, 2016
Although the size of this dual bowl is nice for my 9# chiweenie, I'm not thrilled with the design. The hinge in the center only opens one way, and when it's closed and locked (there are little plastic clasps on the underside) the bowl locks with the INSIDE of the bowls unless you are storing it in some sort of protective bag, the insides of the bowls will get dirty (and silicone can get pretty icky since it's kind of tacky: and dust, hair and stuff can and will stick to it). Also, I don't like that (unless there's some trick I haven't figured out yet) you must open BOTH the bowls in order to use this. Meaning, if I only need to give my dog water, I still have to pop open both bowls (otherwise it would fall over). This isn't a big deal, I suppose, but it seems to me whoever designed this was not a dog owner and didn't think of practical considerations to make this bowl really functional and super-cool. Last of all, since there is no other frame on which the bowls will rest when opened except themselves (and silicone is soft) this is only as "stable" as the surface it sits on, and if it's possible to accidentally compress these when open (and hence make a mess) if not careful. Lots of little things that make me think, even though it was inexpensive, it was still a waste of money...
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