Heavy, thick cotton flannel

Reviewed by ZH from New York on Monday, October 12, 2015
These are really nice. Heavy, high gsm, excellent STP price (especially if you grab them with one of the dealflyer specials, and especially without the shipping charge if you go for that deal too).

I was surprised at just how heavy and thick these are. These aren't the normal thin cotton bedsheets you're used to, and even for flannel these are quite thick. I hope that means greater durability.

The colors are nice, at least I like the plaid. I didn't really need deep pockets but it's not a negative, as you can just tuck the extra underneath. I actually sleep on a Japanese shikibuton which I set on the floor, I'm sure these work just as well or better on thicker mattresses.

The flat sheet is printed on one side, just sleep with the printed side covering you (so the unprinted is away from you).

There are instructions to washing it. You should use the gentle/cold cycle, use white vinegar to rinse it with (at least on first wash) and it suggests using fabric softener but I haven't used that. A gentle detergent for future washes. Dry on delicate. It takes awhile to dry because it's thick and you can't use too much heat.

Following these instructions hopefully keeps it from pilling or falling apart, but you'll only know that over time, and I've only owned these for about a week or so at most.

They're warm, pretty soft, and comfortable. Honestly I'm not sure I can go back to regular bedding again. The price is really good too for what you get, it's hard to find 200 gsm flannel. The highest I've seen for any price near this is 160 gsm, with many complaints on thinness and the material pilling and falling apart.

For thin cotton bedsheets I usually wash them every week or two. For these I'm not entirely sure what the best cycle is, but I'll probably wash them no more frequently than twice a week, maybe a month.

One note is that the thin cotton bedsheets are going to be smoother. Flannel is soft but you're not going to slide on it as easily since the material is so thick. I also probably won't use white vinegar again unless I see or feel some pilling, instead just using detergent and maybe fabric softener if I get any.
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