Not what I expected

Reviewed by Heather from TX on Saturday, September 7, 2013
After becoming a vegetarian, I was wondering how I would swing this whole backpacking/camping thing that typically consists of hotdogs, jerky, or hamburgers. I found this meal package and was so excited. The previous reviews said the food was delicious so I went ahead and ordered it for me and my husband. In the overview, it says "2 servings of each" for the many different meals. I had the impression that it meant 2 individual packets of the Denver Omelet and 2 individual packets of the Cheesecake, etc. I figured my husband could carry his meals & I could carry mine. Also that way if he didn't want the omelet one morning, I could still eat it while he had the granola. When the package was delivered, I discovered this was not the case. You still receive 2 of each meal but they are in ONE packet. This means less weight because there isn't as much packing material however, the meals cannot be split between 2 backpacks as well AND if someone doesn't want to eat what you are eating, then you both have to carry leftovers around on the trail or waste it. Having 2 servings in one packet also makes it tricky to pack the meals in your backpack if you choose to hike alone or for only one day, you will be forced to carry extra food= extra weight. Wish it had been 2 individual packets of each meal..... I gave it 3 stars for this reason as well as I have not tasted the food just yet. Will write another review later to comment on flavors.
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