Bell Segment Half Face Bike Helmet (For Men and Women)

Reviewed by oh_lextech from S. W. of Cleveland, OH on Friday, January 10, 2014
I chose this helmet because although it is not stylish or eye catching, it is one of the most practical and effective. I have a rather large head (normally wear a7 5/8 hat size). This helmet although adjustable, just barely fits. But it does!! It can also be used while skiing. Particularly if going off sanctioned runs. As a recent Formula One Driver did. Someone who may never open his eyes, or speak to his family again.
As I said, "not stylish", but if I can enjoy my coffee in the afternoon or next morning. I am pleased. This helmet covers both front and rear of skull and brain. If you want stylish, "paint it up".

As a long time motorcycle rider from South. Calif. I remember the old ads., from the '60's. "If you have a $10.00 head, buy a $10.00 helmet. Otherwise buy a Bell!!!!!!!!!!!".

This is a Bell.
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