Very good quality and value

Reviewed by D. from Southeast US on Sunday, October 18, 2015
Two were ordered and they arrived in a paper envelope; although the knives were well padded and squeezed into their HK factory boxes, the minimal care taken by STP allowed for those factory boxes to be damaged. One of the two knives had some marring on the titanium scale...likely from previous use since the knife itself was wrapped in thin foam (It will be returned for exchange). As for the knife itself - this is a stout heavy middleweight that is up to all but one task area - anything you might want to do with a smaller more nimble knife. One review mentions the larger body width, Another mentions the blade's heft and thickness. A third mentions the relatively thin body depth. All of these observations are accurate. So, 'Conspiracy' is a large bone structure with large fixed blade like features that will conceal well enough when pocketed in normal fitting jeans. It is well made of quality parts and materials and although somewhat utilitarian and basic in styling still presents well in appearance due to fit and finish quality. Conspiracy folder bears no small resemblance to Spyderco's "Lil' LionSpy" but not on par with the fabulous quality and additional meaningful features found on the masterpiece from Maniago (but it sells for far fewer bones). At the coupon pricing from STP it is one fine bargain. With regard to thumb stud blade deplyment: The only criticism to offer would be that it cannot be opened using the thumb stud and this is due solely to the stud's close proximity to the blade pivot. I have larger strong hands yet even after adding a bit of TufGlide to the pivot I still cannot do it even after "putin' a major hurtin' " to my thumb skin. However, one CAN get a "pinch grip" using the thumb and index or middle finger just next to the stud and it opens quite nicely. The stud IS screwed to and not pressed into the blade so it could be either removed permanently or relocated ~ 1/4" toward the butt after drilling a second mounting hole. It would be interesting to know how many other users encounter this same issue (ie, lack the ability as do I). Conspiracy has heft and strength in spades, has above average quality, and is an outstanding value at this STP coupon price point. If you must have the best and wish to pay dearly for it then either the LionSpy or Lil' LionSpy would be the better choice (and the better knife). The LionSteel SR-1 or SR-2 (from the same maker as the collaborative Spyderco knives) are even better ("the best") and cost even more, however, they are milled from a solid block of Titanium. CONCLUSION: Conspiracy is the best choice for most people who want a great folder in this general design class.
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