• Sorry, but I have no idea. Maybe Black Diamond Company will answer your question: please call them at 1-800-775-5592. The poles are very light, but because of my advanced age I use them for walking only.
    Answered on 2/14/2016 12:16:06 PM by Marie from Danbury, CT
  • These cork handles do float, but I can't say I've tested them in deep water. They are very comfortable. I bought them for hiking and I'm very satisfied with them. I actually have the Simm's wading staff as well, which I use for fly fishing. Ironically I bought it on Sierra Trading Post as well. The Simms staff is a little more heavy duty (bigger diameter aluminum tubing, but otherwise the same). Both are very stable. I don't recall my Simm's staff having buoyant handles, but I don't have it in front of me to check. You won't get a waist pouch with these, as you do with Simms, but you do get two them for the same cost of a single Simms. I never used the Simms waist pouch since I use the staff very infrequently. I usually kept it in a backpack or the large pocket in the back of my vest. Can't beat the price of these Black Diamonds.
    Answered on 2/14/2016 3:10:45 PM by Bughalli from California
  • These do not float.
    Answered on 2/15/2016 10:34:25 AM by Product Specialist Greg from Sierra Trading Post
  • didn't check to see if they floated while i was using them. there is a small rope loop that holds the velcro strap on the handle. i attached a large zinger to it, so the staff stayed on the belt when not in use. float or no, i would attach it to my person every time.
    Answered on 2/17/2016 9:34:44 AM by James from Alabama