All rounder

Reviewed by DirtyDave from NY State on Friday, March 23, 2018
This was the first harness I ever had. It was comfortable, relatively light, well suited for a variety of climbing types, and affordable. The only down side was that it made me believe that more expensive harnesses would be even better, unfortunately that is not the case. After trying a lot of harnesses out, and purchasing a couple harnesses, I am buying another momentum. There have been too many days out where I wished my sport harness was as comfortable as the momentum, too many days where I wished my trad harness would fold up and fit in a bag as well as the momentum, too many days where I wished I was wearing my old $40 momentum instead of my new $100 harness. Don't get me wrong, if you are pursuing a type of climbing e.g. only multi pitch trad routes, then get the specific harness for that. But if you are like me, and toprope in the gym, lead some sport routes, and do a couple trad pitches on the weekend, here is a harness that can comfortably do them all while costing less.

They even have men and women's specific versions of the momentum, the only difference really is the size of the leg loop relative to the waist loop. Good thing both the waist and legs are adjustable, I've lent my men's specific momentum harness to a handful of female climbing partner with no issue. Anyhow, just double check before you buy online, but I guess that is common sense.