Bright, compact, and well designed

Reviewed by Jon K from Minnesota on Wednesday, April 8, 2015
This is a tiny little area light that puts out plenty of lumens for its size. It will fit in a coat pocket and is very lightweight, but seems sturdy enough to handle some abuse. It's mostly plastic, with a metal top hanging loop.

To adjust the brightness level you just hold down the power button and it gradually dims for a 2 or 3 seconds until it reaches the dimmest setting. It flashes briefly to let you know it's at the bottom, and then gradually brightens until it reaches the brightest setting, when it flashes again to let you know it's at the top.

The fact that the power button is covered when it's closed ensures that it won't accidentally get turned on while not needed. You CAN leave the light on with the cover closed, which makes the light quite a bit dimmer -- useful when you want the least light late at night.

The top hanging loop is actually two half-loops that are only attached to the lantern on one side and overlap in the middle. This means that you can open it to hang it from your tent or somewhere else; very clever and useful feature!

Would purchase again.
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