7 Things You Didn't Know About Acadia National Park

Maine, known as, "The Pine Tree State" features a rugged coastline and is home to Acadia National Park. The park was originally called Lafayette National Park, but it was later renamed to Acadia. Here are 7 other things you may not know about the only national park in Maine.

Photo Courtesy of Paul VanDerWerf Photo Courtesy of Paul VanDerWerf


  • Acadia is the oldest national park east of the Mississippi river.

  • Cadillac Mountain, a mountain located on Mount Desert Island within Acadia National Park, has one of the earliest sunrise times in the United States due to its eastern location and height.

  • Acadia National Park was listed in the top 10 most visited national parks in 2014. It was ranked in 9th place with over 2.5 million annual visitors.

  • Each year trails are closed in the park to protect the nesting of the peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the world.

  • A big fire in 1947 burned a large portion of the National Park's coniferous, or cone-bearing, trees which enabled the growth of many new deciduous trees.

  • Acadia offers over 120 miles of trails that cover a spectrum of difficulty.

  • The Junior Ranger Program, a narrated boat cruise, and a nature center with many hands-on exhibits makes Acadia National Park an kid-friendly destination.

Photo Courtesy of cloud2013 Photo Courtesy of cloud2013

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