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Adam Nutting focuses his creative energies on building content related to outdoor adventures. In April, he was honored to be chosen as an #omniten blogger for Columbia Sportswear. His community is 4,000 strong and growing. In July, he'll join a group of backpackers on the John Muir Trail. That crew includes Sierra Trading Post videotographer Chris Martin, Sierra Trading Post blogger Andy Hawbaker, Paul Osborn and vlogger John Chlarson. Over the course of 200 miles of unbeatable scenic beauty, including elevation gains of more than 50,000 feet, these men will experience the adventure of a lifetime and probably a few challenges as well! Nutting has faced adversity before, and this experienced backpacker will draw on his experiences on the Appalachian Trail, a section of which he has completed.

Adam Nutting

How do you know the other members of this hiking crew?
I met them via social media.  Primarily Twitter but also on Facebook and YouTube. I haven't met any of them in person.

What do you do "in real life"?
I am a web designer and developer, but I am starting to focus on social strategies for outdoor bloggers and cottage outdoor product manufacturers.

I understand you were diagnosed with cancer as a kid. Do you think that experience has inspired your adventuring ways, such as your trips on the Appalachian Trail and now the John Muir Trail?
I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when I was 10 years old. It has inspired me to set large goals and attempt them no matter the outcome.  To simply attempt a goal is often times more rewarding than accomplishing it.

You're committed to hiking the Appalachian Trail. What can you tell us about your progress on that trip?
I have completed the Georgia section and a large portion of the North Carolina section of the trail, which is roughly 145 miles. I decided to come off the trail due to a whole gamut of setbacks, issues and problems. The goal is to complete the trail even if it takes me 30 years as a section hiker to complete it. When people say the mountains are calling they truly do mean it and once you set foot on a trail like the Appalachian Trail it will forever call you back.
How have you prepared for this particular trip? (How many miles have you hiked? Have any of those miles included a loaded pack?)
To be honest, I haven't been keeping track. I put in roughly six miles a day or so around my neighborhood and local trails. Most of them do not include a fully loaded pack but I do carry about 10 pounds or so of water at least two or three times a week.

Aside from hiking, what else have you done to prepare your mind and body for this trip?
After hiking nearly 200 miles on the Appalachian Trail earlier this year, I know from experience there is really no good way to prepare your mind for such an adventure.  Knowing that most of the trail will be a mental game you just have to play each move as it comes.

What's the thing you're most looking forward to on this trip?
This is going to be silly but the whole thing! The adventure is meeting everyone and simply enjoying the outdoors!

Clearly you're a guy who sets big goals. The AT. The JMT. What advice can you offer the average person about setting and meeting these goals?
My biggest piece of advice is incredibly small but so huge it often keeps people from their dreams. Just start. You can plan all you want but setting your first step on the trail is what drives you to finish. That can be taken literally or metaphorically for those who are not actually hiking.

What kind of content can readers of look forward to during and after your trip?
A very good question. I have no idea. The plan is photos, videos and blog posts. Only the trail knows what we will be able to provide.

Thanks, Adam, and good luck to you!

Learn more about Adam on his blog, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts or find out more about this trip here: John Muir Trail 2013.
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