Ampitheaters, Hoodoos and Clear Skies: Name this Park

You've gotten pretty good at guessing our Mystery Destinations. From rivers, mountains and trails to national parks, we've featured many popular outdoor destinations. This week we've got another beautiful national park. Check out the photos, read the 5 clues below then enter the name of this national park in the comments below.

Mystery Destination Photo by Rick Hawbaker

  • Despite the park's name, it's not a canyon but a collection of giant natural amphitheaters.

  • The area became a national monument in 1923 and was designated as a national park in 1928. The park covers 35,835 acres and receives relatively few visitors compared to other parks in the region due to its remote location.

  • Most park visitors sight see using the scenic drive, which provides access to 13 viewpoints over the amphitheaters.There are eight marked and maintained hiking trails that can be hiked in less than a day and two trails available for backpacking trips.

  • The park also has a 7.4 magnitude night sky, making it one of the darkest in North America. Stargazers can see up to 7,500 stars with the naked eye.

  • Landscape photographers love this area. On a clear day, the visibility often exceeds 100 miles. This is due to exceptional air quality, low humidity and high elevation.

Do you know the name of this park? Enter your guess in the comments below. Have you ever visited this area?

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