Aquamarine Waters, Emerald Islands and Coral Reefs: Name This National Park

Time for another Mystery Destination. This week we've selected another national park but this one doesn't have huge mountains, deep canyons or long hiking trails. Instead, this national park is known for snorkeling and scuba diving. Fight your spring fever by checking out these photos then read the clues and enter your guess in the comments below.

Mystery Destination Photos by Bruce Tuten.

  • Popular activities include boating, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

  • Ninety-five percent of the park is water, and the shore of the bay is the location of an extensive mangrove forest. The park covers 172,971 acres including islands and transitional islands of coral and sand.

  • Through the 1960s and 1970s, two fossil-fueled power plants and two nuclear power plants were built on the bay shores. A backlash against development led to the 1968 designation as a national monument and in 1980 re-designation as a national park.

  • A selection of ship wrecks have been the subjects of ranger-led snorkeling tours and have been organized as the Maritime Heritage Trail, the only underwater archaeological trail in the National Park Service system.

  • A small colony of stilt homes were built just above the shallow waters dating back to the 1930s. Most of the original homes have been destroyed by tropical storms but 7 wood homes propped above the water remain and are protected by the national park.

Do you know this Mystery Beach Destination? Enter your guess in the comments below. Extra points if you've visited this park before.

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