Steep and Deep Canyon: Name this National Park

When you head out on adventures you look for the biggest mountains to climb and the best landscapes to view. Maybe that desire has led you to visit this weeks mystery destination. You know the drill by now, take a look at the photo and read the 5 clues below and see if you can name the outdoor adventure spot we are describing.

In previous weeks the correct answer has been national parks, mountains, reservoirs, rivers and other outdoor destinations. This week the correct answer is a national park known for it's steep black walls.

deep canyon national park

  • "The Painted Wall" is the highest cliff in the state. From river to rim it stands 2250 feet, and is 1000 feet taller than the Empire State Building.

  • The canyon was proclaimed a national monument in 1933 by President Herbert Hoover. Congress made it a national park in 1999. The canyon contains some of the oldest exposed rock on Earth. The Precambrian, or "basement" rock, is nearly 2 billion years old.

  • This area is home to the fastest bird in the world, the Peregrine falcon. Scientists estimate that Peregrines can reach speeds of over 200 mph in an aerial dive.

  • The river through this national park drops at an average of 95 feet per mile. By comparison, the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park drops an average of 7.5 feet per mile.

  • This park is a center for rock climbing. Most of the climbs within the park are difficult and attempted only by advanced climbers. There are also many rafting opportunities in the region, but the run through the park itself is a difficult technical run for only the best kayakers. There are several impassable stretches of water requiring long, sometimes dangerous portages. The remaining rapids are class III - V, and are only for expert kayakers only.

Do you know the name of this national park? Enter it in the comments below. Bonus points if you've visited this canyon before.

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