Canyons, Dunes and Gorges: Can You Name the State?

Our Mystery Destination game has taken us to national parks, lakes, rivers and mountains all across the country. Today we'll call out three well know destinations that are all located within the same state. Take a look at the photos and the clues then see if you can name the state that all of these destinations are located.

national monument Photo by Frank Kovalchek

Our first stop in this state is to visit a national monument known for its canyons that cut deep into the rock formations. A geologic feature known as Monument Canyon is the main attraction for visitors to this area.

Sand Dunes Photo by Mark Byzewski

Next stop is a national park that is an unexpected feautre compared to the geology of the surrounding valley. Visitors can climb the tallest sand dune in North America, camp on the dunes or simply relax and dig in the sand near the visitor center.

photo of bridge Photo by Tristan Bowersox

Continuing to head east, our tavel through this state brings us to a deep gorge famous for whitewater rafting or general tourism. A bridge was build over this gorge in 1929. At the time, the bridge was the world's tallest, a title it held until 2001.

Do you know which state all of these adventures are located in? Enter your guess in the comments below. Bonus points if you can name the national monument, national park and the name of the bridge or canyon it goes over.

Too easy? Do you know this one: Name this state.
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