Chair, Tree... Do You Know this Outdoor Lingo?

How well do you know your outdoor gear? We want to give you a chance to test your knowledge on the terms and insider lingo of your favorite outdoor activities, so we devised a game to help you do so.

Every other week we list a number of words associated with one sport, activity or piece of gear, and you tell us what sport, activity or gear these words are associated with. Sound like fun? Cool, let's play!

This week we are switching things up a little. These words are all associated with one specific activity. Here's the kicker: Despite the outdoor nature of these terms, this activity doesn't necessarily need to take place outside.

Mountain — Powerful, firm, inspiring. Aren't mountains fantastic?

Tree — The great thing about trees is that they seem to stretch way up into the sky.

Fire Log — This log isn't actually on fire, but it might break a sweat depending on how hot it is.

Chair — Not your average chair, but not a camping chair, either. Sitting in this chair does require strength.

Dog — Some dogs like to sit up, others prefer lying down. Yes, dogs come in different variations.

Know the answer? Tell us in the comments! And be sure to check in every other Saturday for outdoor lingo trivia.

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