How to Choose a Lure For Trout Fishing

Choosing the right fishing lure can make a huge difference between a successful day on the water and going home empty handed. We partnered with John from Intense Angler for these great tips on how to chose a lure for trout fishing. Watch this video for everything you'll need to know to make your next big catch.

Think about water clarity, how aggressive the fish are biting and the size of the fish you are targeting when selecting a lure.

Basic Types of Trout Lures

  • Rooster Tails - This basic trout lure features a spinning blade and a feathery tail. Size and color can make a big difference. Rooster tails can be highly effective.

  • Panther Martin - The Panther Martin is similar to the Rooster Tail except there is no tail. The spinner vibrates in the water and attracts the attention of the fish.

  • Spoon Lure - The Spoon Lure wobbles in the water. It acts as a flasher and attractor in the water.  The slightly different action can make a big difference in catching fish.

  • Classic Rapala - Instead of relying on flash and flare the rapala looks more like the tiny fish that the desirable fish are feeding off of. Depending on the conditions and the aggressiveness of the fish, Classic Rapalas can be quite successful.

Trout Fishing lure

Those are the four main types of trout lures. Think about the conditions, water clarity and aggressiveness of the fish when you select a trout fishing lure. You might also want to ask other fisherman what lures they are having success with.

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