Cliff Dwelling National Park

Our national park system includes many parks all preserved for different reasons. We have national parks and national monuments dedicated to preserving historical, cultural and natural resources. In our weekly mystery destination game we often focus on national parks recognized for their natural beauty and recreational activities. This week our mystery destination is a national park designated to protect ancient cliff dwelling sites.

Cliff Dwelling National Park

Read these 5 clues then enter your guess in the comments below:

  • Today the park protects nearly 5,000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings. These sites are some of the most notable and best preserved in the United States. It is the largest archaeological preserve in the United States

  • The largest cliff dwelling site has 150 rooms, plus an additional 75 open areas.

  • On June 29, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt established the national park to "preserve the works of man," the first national park of its kind.

  • In addition to the cliff dwellings, other sites include mesa top pueblos, farming terraces, towers, reservoirs, and check dams.

  • While in this area, visit a nearby town to ride the narrow gauge railroad, explore the many mountain biking trails or climb to the top of a mountain peak.

Do you know what national park we are talking about? Have you ever visited this park or this area? Enter the answer in the comments below and let us know if you've been there.

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