DIY: Add Traction to Your Shoes

There is nothing that says you are required to make big, life changing, personal goals at the beginning of every year but there is something refreshing about trying to better yourself while you're still trying to remember to scribble out the correct year on the very few checks you still write. New Year's resolutions can be fun and who doesn't want to become a better person?! There is just one catch, especially if your resolution involves running on any level...

IMG_20150106_071947070...if you live in the Northern Hemisphere the new year comes in the dead of winter. This usually involves lots of snow and ice which don't exactly lend themselves to safe outdoor running. You slip, you slide and you make a complete fool of yourself in front of the kids waiting for a school bus [after blocks of gracefully navigating sheets of ice, of course â?? you never fall without an audience!]. But don't let this ruin your resolution â?? or put a hole in the knee of your favorite running tights - instead, add traction to your shoes.

If you're looking to add traction to your shoes you have a few options. There are aftermarket contraptions you can strap to your feet, such as Yaktrax or ICEtrekkers, for quick, easy traction. Or you can head to your local hardware store and pick up two bags of 3/8" sheet metal hex screws to insert into the soles of your shoes. This method requires a little elbow grease and extra time but it only costs about $3 and you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

Add Traction to your shoes

Adding screws to the soles of your shoes for traction is actually very simple! Just grab the items listed below and get to work...

  • Running Shoes [a pair you're willing to commit to winter running]

  • 3/8" Hex Screws [about 20-24]

  • Screwdriver [or drill with flathead bit]

Once you've gathered these items settle in and start screwing the hex screws into the soles of your shoes. This is not quite as easy as it sounds but after the first few screws you'll find your rhythm and have your shoes ready for a snowy, icy run in no time...without biffing it in front of laughing children!

If you'd like more visual guidance on how to successfully screw the soles of your shoes watch this video we created while screwing a pair of Saucony Xodus trail shoes.

Curious about whether Yaktrax are a better option for you? Read this great post by Boulder Training Mecca where they compare Yaktrax to metal screws.
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