Father's Day: Celebrating Outdoor Dads

Father's Day is this weekend so we'd like to take a moment and celebrate the great outdoor dads in all of our lives. In many cases, dad is the one who has to carry crying children on hikes and he has the job of making all of the gear magically fit into the car for the camping trip. For all this hard work, we salute dads everywhere.

Outdoor dads Share Your Adventure Photo by William Howard

When I was young, my dad took me fishing where he had to bait the hook, clean the fish and deal with my short attention span. He also took our family camping where he had to piece together what seemed like hundreds of pieces of poles to set up the tent, build the perfect fire and keep the kids from wandering too far into the woods. The amount of work it took never stopped him from making sure everyone had a great time.

Now that I'm the father of two girls, I know the hard work that goes into planning, preparing and executing the perfect family adventures. I continue to take the kids on hikes, camping trips, snowshoe outings and long days on the ski hill because I enjoy it and I know that these experiences will help my girls learn valuable lessons in nature, they'll develop healthy habits and hopefully they'll continue to take their old man hiking when they grow up.

Outdoor Dads On the summit of Mount Elbert with my dad.

A few years ago, I repaid my father for all of the early experiences he gave me by taking him hiking on multiple 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado (The 14ers). We climbed Long's Peak, Mount Lincoln, Mount Democrat, Mount Bross and Mount Elbert, Colorado's highest peak. We talk about those hikes almost every time I see him and I'm sure we'll remember those hikes our entire lives.

What are some of your favorite moments spent with your dad? If you are a father, why do you think spending time with your kids in the outdoors is so important? Please leave a comment below to answer either of these questions.

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