Fjords, Glaciers and Wildlife

Escape the hot summer days with a trip to glacier fields in this week's Mystery Destination. Take a look at the photos, read the clues and see if you can guess which national park we are describing in this week's Mystery Destination. Enter your guess in the comments below.

Fjords Photo by Kimberly Vardeman

  • This national park contains nearly 40 glaciers and the largest icefield solely contained within the United States.

  • A national monument was initially designated by President Jimmy Carter on December 1, 1978, using the Antiquities Act. It officially became a national park in 1980.

  • The park protects the icefield, a narrow fringe of forested land between the mountains and the sea, and the deeply indented coastline.

  • After an oil spill in 1989, archeological sites were discovered during cleanup operations that proved native people lived in this area much longer than previously believed.

  • The area is popular for cruise ships. Wildlife seen on these cruise ships include whales, porpoises, dolphins, bald eagles, brown bears, black bears and moose.

Do you know the name of the national park we are talking about? Enter your guess in the comments below. Have you visited this area? When were you there?

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