Fly Fishing Tips: How to Overhand Cast

Fly Fishing is a lot of fun and a great way to spend an afternoon in the outdoors. Whether you are transitioning from lake fishing to fly fishing or just getting interested in angling, here are some fly fishing tips to help get you started or to improve your fishing techniques. Today we'll feature how to overhand cast. Be sure to watch this video for directions on how to do the basic fly fishing cast.

Fly Fishing Tips

Start with your thumb up on the rod and the line in your left hand (assuming you are right handed). Keep the rod tip low to the water then follow these fly fishing tips:

  • Keep the fly rod between 10 and 2. Imagine a clock around your arm and keep the rod between the 10 and 2 or otherwise, keep the rod up in the air.

  • Use a gradual motion to an abrupt stop. Don't try to swing the line too fast. Use a gradual forward motion then make an abrupt stop. Do the same thing going backwards.

  • Stay on the same plane. Whether you fish with your arm straight up or prefer more of a sidearm motion, always keep your arm moving on the same plane.

  • Let the line straighten out totally in front of you or behind you before you start the next motion. If you start the next motion before the line is straight you'll make a mess of the line and cause yourself problems.

  • Watch the line. Don't try to guess. Keep your eye on the line so you know where it is and when it's straight.

  • Practice. Proper fly fishing technique takes lots of practice and muscle memory. Take your time and practice casting before you head out to the river.

Fly Fishing tips

Follow the above fly fishing tips to learn how to do the basic overhand cast. Be sure to watch the video above to see these tips in action. If you need any help determining what type of gear you'll need, follow this link: Fly Fishing Guide.

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