Can You Name This Huge Freshwater Lake

Anglers, boaters and tourists are drawn to this beautiful lake for its solitude and amazing views. Whether they are on their way to the popular national park or ski areas located nearby, you've got to stop and enjoy the beauty. Do you know which lake we are talking about? Read the five clues below then let us know your guess in the comments below.

Lake Photo by Peter Oelshlaeger

  • This lake is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River in the contiguous United States.

  • The lake is 27.3 miles long and up to 15.5 miles wide and has a maximum depth of 370 feet.

  • This beautiful body of water is located just 30 miles southwest of a huge national park known for its amazing mountains and glaciers.

  • Once known as Salish Lake, this lake has a dozen islands including one that is a state park.

  • Enjoy the amazing views on one of two scenic highways that wind along the lakes shoreline.

Can you name this Mystery Destination? Enter the name of this lake in the comments below. Bonus points if you can name the national park located just north of this lake.

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