Gear Trivia: How Much Do You Know About Major Outdoor Gear Brands?

You enjoy outdoor sports, you own a bunch of outdoor gear and your friends call you a gear snob, but what do you really know about gear? Test your knowledge of the major outdoor gear manufacturers in this Gear Trivia Quiz. We'll give you a link to the answers at the bottom of this post.

1. What clothing company got its start selling socks to logging camps from the back of a mule cart in the early 1800's?

2. True or False. All Redfeather Snowshoes are made in the USA.

3. Which accessory brand was started by a bicycle courier in San Francisco who began by sewing his own bicycle bags?

4. True or False. The brand name Teva is pronounced TEE-va. (As in a golf Tee)

5. What popular outdoor brand got its big break supplying down jackets for Eiger Sanction, a 1970's Clint Eastwood movie?

6. What backpack company was founded by a man who began designing and making backpacks as a Boy Scout project at the age of 14?

7. Name the outdoor gear brand that was established in rural Missouri and is a true family company.

8. True or False. Smith Optics was started by an optometrist who started the company by trading goggles for free lift tickets.

9. Name the footwear brand that Backpacker Magazine named "the most comfortable and functional boots in North America" in 1981, the first year this company was in business.

10. What footwear brand's name is an acronym for a Latin phrase meaning "A sound mind in a sound body"?


Do you think you got them all correct? Follow this link to find the answers: Gear Trivia Answers. Then comment below to let us know how many of the 10 you got right.

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