Glaciers and a Giant Volcano: Name this National Park

Do you have a few minutes to kill? Let's see if you can name this famous mountain and associated national park. I'll give you 5 clues about this mystery destination and you enter your guess in the comments below. After you get it, share this with your friends and see if they know the answer too.

National Park - Name this

  • One area of this park receives an average of 641 inches of snowfall (nearly 54 feet) every year, making it one of the consistently snowiest places on Earth (of the places where snowfall is measured).

  • Approximately 2 million visitors each year visit this park to see a mountain that stands nearly three miles higher than the lowlands to the west and one and one-half miles higher than the surrounding mountains.

  • The main attraction and namesake of this park is an active volcano that last erupted approximately 150 years ago. The park also contains many named glaciers, lakes, rivers and streams and over 3,000 acres of other wetland types.

  • One glacier, located on the north side of the mountain is the lowest elevation of any glacier in the lower 48 states at 3500 feet. This glacier is nearly 700 feet thick.

  • Reaching the summit of the mountain requires a vertical elevation gain of more than 9,000 feet over a distance of eight or more miles but thousands of people summit this peak each year.

Too easy? Or pretty hard? Enter your answer in the comments below. You receive extra points if you've visited this park or climbed this peak so tell us all about it.

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