A Not So 'Great Lake', a Lake Monster and Ice Cream?

There are many amazing places to get outside see nature's beauty and to take off on an adventure. Below we describe a famous lake that is full of recreational opportunities. Read the five clues below, look at the photos and then see if you know what lake we're talking about.

Mystery lake Photo by Bryn Pinzgauer

  • This lake briefly became the nation's sixth Great Lake in 1998, when President Clinton signed Senate Bill 927. This bill contained a line declaring this lake to be a Great Lake. Less than three weeks later it was rescinded.

  • This natural lake is home to the American version of the Loch Ness Monster. Reports of a water monster date back to 1609 and have been reported more recently.

  • Adventurers can swim, sail, fish or paddle on the water or hike, bike and rock climb at one of 5 state parks (from two separate states) located on this body of water.

  • Get in shape cyclist because a designated bike route around this lake has a total distance of 350 miles plus many shorter loops.

  • The largest city located on the banks of this body of water is home to a popular snowboard brand as well as a popular ice cream company.

Lake Sunset Photo by Tim Plante

Do you know the name of this mystery destination? Enter the name of this lake in the comments below. Extra points if you can name the snowboard or ice cream company mentioned in the final clue.

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