Can You Name This Lake With Many Islands?

Photos of the Sierra Nevada Mountains almost always include a photo of one famous lake. The lake and its many islands are quite recognizable. Take a look at the photos, read the clues then see if you can guess the name of the lake we are talking about. Enter your guess in the comments below.

  • Ansel Adams made this lake famous through black and white photographs. Now the wilderness that this lake calls come is named after the famous photographer.

  • Most people see this lake while hiking the John Muir or the Pacific Crest Trail but is accessible for shorter hikes via a trail from The Devils Postpile National Monument.

  • The mountain often photographed with this lake is the second tallest peak in the Ritter Range at a height of 12,942 feet.

  • Although you could cross country ski or snowshoe in to this lake, most wintertime visitors to this area of the state just hit the nearby ski area.

I'd be willing to bet you've seen a photo of this lake before. Do you know its name? Enter it in the comments below. Have you ever been to it? When were you there?

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