An American Icon: Name This Mystery Destination

Each week we play a Mystery Destination game. This week the destination is an American iconic destination. This area features multiple parks and sites to see. Read the clues below, look at the photos then enter your guess in the comments below.

Mountains Photo by Dennis Carr

  • Although these are mountains, the range is referred to as 'hills'. The name of the range comes from a translation of the Lakota word Pahá Sápa.

  • In addition to the mountains, this area has a huge cave that is also a national park. The cave is currently the sixth-longest in the world with 140.47 miles of explored cave passageways.

  • The area was first inhabited by Europeans when gold was discovered in the hills. After the gold bust, the area transitioned into a tourist destination with multiple national monuments, national parks, state parks and a huge motorcycle rally.

  • One of the largest tourist attractions in the region is a huge sculpture carved into the granite face of a mountain that the Lakota Sioux called Six Grandfathers.

  • Bring the tent and enjoy camping in one of the many area campgrounds. If hiking is your thing, climb the mountain range's highest peak topping out at an elevation of 7,242 feet, making it the highest US peak east of the Rocky Mountains.

Do you know the name of the mountain range or region we are describing? Enter your guess in the comments below. For bonus points, name the motorcycle rally and cave described in the clues.

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