Name this Mountainous National Park

Do you know a lot about our national parks? See if you can name this Mystery Destination by reading the 5 clues below. Hint, the correct answer is the name of a popular mountainous national park.

  • Congress named this the nation's 10th national park in 1915, one year before the national park service was created.

  • Heavy flooding in September 2013 caused extensive damage within the park. Some roads will remain closed through the summer of 2014.

  • Some of the nearly 3 million annual visitors enjoy a drive up a famous road that takes you well above treeline. In fact, this road is the highest continuous paved road in the United States.

  • The park has many different hiking options. You'll find easy walks around lakes that allow for wheel chair and stroller access, strenuous climbs up a 14,000 foot elevation peak and all hikes in between.

  • The park is surrounded by three different national forests and is popular it's large elk herds. Visitors are likely to see hers of elk grazing in the lower meadows. In the fall, visitors line the road to view the famous elk bugling.

Mountainous National Park Photo by F. Delventhal

Do you know the name of this national park? Enter your guess in the comments below. Extra credit if you've visited this mountainous national park.

Monday January, 20 is free admission to national parks day. Don't miss this opportunity to see your local parks.

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