Name These Mountains: Mystery Destination

Here's another installment of our weekly mystery destination series. Last week, we featured a huge reservoir located in the desert southwest and in previous weeks we've featured all kinds of great national parks, rivers and outdoor destinations. This week we are featuring a beautiful mountain range. These mountains see many visitors each summer. It's a popular place for hiking, camping, fishing, climbing and mountaineering. Read the 5 clues then tell us what outdoor destination we are describing.

Mystery Destination Photo by Jeff Gunn

  • This area is home to the largest bird in North America? The Trumpeter Swan weighs 20-30 pounds and lives in the valley year-round in quiet open water.

  • The North Face route to the most popular peak is a world renowned climb involving a dozen distinct pitches and is rated at grade 5.8 in difficulty for the 3,000-foot (910 m) vertical ascent.

  • The tallest mountain in this range, at over 13,770 feet, is also the namesake of a national park.

  • If you like camping, this national park has 5 front country campgrounds for 1,000 drive-in campsites plus, overnight backpacking is allowed with permit.

  • Bring your fishing pole as the national park includes a 15 mile-long lake and great fly-fishing in the Snake River.

Do you know what beautiful mountain range we're talking about? Enter the name of this mountain range in the comments below. Have you ever visited this area? Let us know in the comments below if you've ever vacationed at this national park or visited the area. Perhaps you've seen these mountains as you were driving to another nearby national park.

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