Mystery Destination: A Mountain, Lake and Wreckage

Welcome to Part 2 of our Mystery Destination Series. Last week we featured a unique outdoor adventure destination and asked you to guess where it was located. Our Facebook Fans were pretty quick at guessing the Mystery Destination so we thought we'd try another destination.

Check out the photo of this week's Mystery Destination then read the 5 clues. Once you know the answer, comment below or on our Facebook Page. We'll let you know if you are correct.
  1. Samuel de Champlain called this mountain 'lion couchant' (which loosely translates to 'The Resting Lion') when he first saw it in the 1600's.
  2. You can see two different states in this photo.
  3. This is the highest undeveloped mountain in this state. The distinctive profile of this mountain is so famous in this area that its image graces the back of this states quarter which was produced in 1999.
  4. In October 1944, during World War II, a B-24 bomber on a training mission crashed into this mountain due to a storm. Of the ten crew members on board, only one survived. Sadly the surviving crew member lost his hands and feet to frostbite before being rescued from the mountain.
  5. The lake viewable in the distance was briefly named the sixth Great Lake in 1998 when President Bill Clinton signed Senate Bill 927 into law. After some uproar the status was rescinded just 18 days later.


Do you know what mountain we are talking about? Comment below or on Facebook.

Thanks for playing along. If you enjoy these types of games let us know in the comments and be sure to check out last week's Mystery Destination. Then bookmark this page so you can check back next week for more fun.

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*Special thanks to Keese Lane for the photo and clues.*
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