Mystery Destination: An Outdoor Lover's Paradise

We've had a lot of fun over the past few weeks creating mystery destinations and seeing if our readers and fans can guess the destination. We've featured the towns of Durango, Asheville and Jackson as well as Big Bend National Park, New River Gorge and the John Muir Trail.

Outdoor Destination Photo by Suzy Hawbaker

This week we feature a small town that is full of many big adventures. Read the 5 clues below and see if you can guess this week's mystery destination.

  • This town is located just outside of the boundaries of two large national parks, has hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails, offers great climbing and river rafting.

  • The name of the town comes from a Biblical word that refers to the land east of the Jordan River. Others say the name comes from the Paiute word for mosquito.

  • Even if you haven't been to this destination, you probably seen it in movies or on TV. This area has been the backdrop for movies such as Wagon Master (1950), The Greatest Story Ever Told (1963), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1988), Thelma and Louise (1991), Mission Impossible II (2000), 127 Hours (2010) and many more.

  • This area is home to a world-famous mountain bike trail. This particular trail is a 13 mile loop over a landscape of "petrified" sand dunes and the eroded remnants of ancient sea beds.

  • One popular hike in the area leads to a 65-foot tall natural arch. This rock is highly recognizable from numerous photos. In fact, the Olympic Torch Relay passed through the arch in 2002.

Do you know what popular outdoor destination we are talking about? Enter your guess in the comments below. Extra points if you can name the Arch, Bike Trail and National Parks mentioned in the clues.

***Do you have a great idea for a mystery destination? Email me your clues with an Email Subject Line "Mystery Destination" to ahawbaker (at) Maybe we'll use your destination next week.****

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