Mystery Destination: A Bridge, Whitewater Rafting and Great Climbing

Welcome to this week's Mystery Destination. Each week we pick one outdoor adventure destination, give you 5 clues and see if you can name the destination we are talking about. In recent weeks, the answer has been the name of a National Park, a ski town and a backpacking trail. This week the mystery destination is designated a National River.

Read through the five clues and look at the attached photo. If you know the answer, leave your guess in the comments below then share this page with your friends to see if they know.

Mystery Destination Photo by JP Mueller

  • This area is one of the most popular rock climbing areas in the entire region with over 1400 established routes including both traditional and sport climbing routes.

  • The river is often considered one of the best whitewater rafting rivers in the country.

  • President Jimmy Carter signed legislation to add this area into the National Park System in 1978.

  •  One of the most recognizable features in this area is a 3,030 foot steel bridge. For many years this bridge was the world's longest steel single-span arch bridge but it has since been surpassed.

  • Other popular outdoor activities include fishing as the warm river water is home to a diverse fish population and hiking as the park provides over 50 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails.

Do you know the answer? Have you visited this destination? Tell us in the comments below if you know the answer.

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