Name This Reservoir- Mystery Destination

Ready for another installment of our weekly mystery destination series? Last week, we featured a popular national park and in previous week's we've featured all kinds of great outdoor destinations. This week we are featuring a huge man-made reservoir that is popular for summertime house-boating, fishing and water-skiing. Read the 5 clues then tell us what outdoor destination we are describing.

name this reservoir Photo by Brian Snelson


  • This huge man-made reservoir is a popular outdoor vacations spot with around 2 million visitors each year. There is great boating, fishing, hiking and canyoneering in this area.

  • The lake holds 24,322,000 acre feet of water at full capacity which makes this the second largest reservoir in the United States.

  • Construction of the dam began in 1956. Over 5 million cubic yards of concrete were used to make the dam which is over 710 feet high. It took 11 years for the water to reach the high water mark.

  • One popular tourist destination near the lake is a huge arch that makes a 234 foot high natural bridge.

  • The lake is named after a one-armed civil war veteran who explored this area of the river in a wooden boat in 1869.

Do you know what reservoir we're talking about? Enter the name of this reservoir in the comments below. Bonus points if you name the Canyon that was flooded to make this reservoir and the natural bridge described above.

Have you ever visited this area? Let us know in the comments below if you've ever vacationed at this huge reservoir.

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